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Elefsina – 1 February, 2010

Start Date: 15/2/2010
End Date: 30/12/2010
Duration: diarkeia

Seminar: “Visual Arts in the service of respect for diversity at schools”

The seminar was organized by Schedia in collaboration with the Department of Secondary Education for Western Attica and took place at the 2nd General High school of Elefsina. Twenty educators from several Junior High and High School Departments of Western Attica participated in this experiential seminar.

 The seminar’s content:

 i.                     Introduction to the subject











  ii.                   Two workshops, a theatrical and a visual one concentrated on the principles that rule the pedagogical anti-bias approach so that:

 -         everyone is empowered to develop the multiple aspects of their identity

 -         everyone develops a sense of belonging

 -         everyone can learn from one another beyond cultural and other boundaries

 -         everyone can participate as active citizens

-         everyone can resist stereotypes and prejudices

 -         everyone cooperates to fight against institutional prejudices and discrimination

 A discussion followed with the educators and a video viewing of the work of children from the Intercultural Centre for Artistic Activities in Elefsina, in the context of the Elele program.




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