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“Seeing the World through Different Eyes”

Start Date: 1/5/2009
End Date: 30/4/2010

The programme “Seeing the World through Different Eyes” focuses on children’s books related to respect for the “other” and is the outcome of the collaboration of three NGOs; the network for the Rights of the Child, the Centre for Pedagogical and Artistic Training “Schedia”, and EADAP. A committee of primary school educators has selected about 200 books from different publishing houses, using as main criteria the presence of respect for diversity and literary adequacy. The selected books will travel to six cities in as a moving exhibition. The people in charge of the programme chose Elefssina and more specifically the Intercultural Centre for Creative Activities to be the first stop, in view of the fact that the goals and activities of the Centre are consistent with the programme’s rationale.  The first moving book excibition took place on Wednesday, June 10th 2009 on the premises of the Centre ( Kipreou 130 , Elefsina).






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