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Start Date: 1/12/2006
End Date: 30/6/2007
Duration: diarkeia






The program “Persephone” took place from December 2006 until June 2007 in the Intercultural Center for Artistic Activities in Elefssina which included artistic activities for the children living in the area based on the ancient myths of the goddess Dimitra and her daughter Persephone.



 The goal of the program was for children to be familiarized with the ancient history and mythology of their town. Through the use of these myths children were helped to recognize their own feelings and reflections and deepen their thoughts concerning their present. 



The children  

  • visited the archaeological site of Elefssina,  
  • learned about the ancient myth of Dimitra, Persephone and Triptolemus,  
  • played theatrical games for the spring and the joy of life,
  • traveling and discovering new countries and people, friendship and mutual trust 
  • painted their own pictures and created their own forms based on what they experienced during the program.  

  The program Persephone was designed and implemented by the educators

  and  colleagues of the Center of Artistic and Pedagogical Training “Schedia”:  

 Eleni Karagiorgi, Panayiotis Kassianos, Stavroula Kosma, Eugenia Morfi, Konstantinos Ntonas, Efi Papaioannou, Eftixia Roussi, Giounes Salim



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