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Up to the present Schedia's activities include:
  • Planning and implementation of pilot projects of social intervention through artistic expression for the promotion of respect for diversity in Greece and abroad.
  • Teachers training sessions and seminars for professional development through artistic expression.
  • Development of educational material both printed and audiovisual.
  • Presentation of theatrical plays.
  • Organisation of national and international cultural events and conferences.

(a) Pilot programs for the promotion of respect for diversity
Since 1998 "Schedia" has implemented programs aimed at improving the living conditions of socially excluded population groups. These programs include:
  • encouraging and educating children and their families, chiefly through artistic activities

  • and
  • increasing awareness among social and educational agencies in each district regarding issues related to fighting prejudice

(b) Seminars
Since 1989 "Schedia" has given particular emphasis to training teachers and animators through experiential seminars and special programs related to teaching art. Since 1993 it has focused the object of its training programs on new methods related chiefly to the use of artistic activities, as an educational tool to fight against discrimination and prejudice of every sort in the area of education. The training programs are held in the Schedia premises or in the work place of the teachers/animators.

(c) Theatrical performances
"Schedia" organizes theatrical performances in various venues in Athens as well as other Greek cities that aim at promoting cultural values. The basic criterion for the selection of the repertoire is to present works by significant Greek and foreign playwrights that are unknown to Greek audiences.

(d) Cultural events-conferences
In order to further the cause of educational principles and methods appropriate to the support of children's rights and the fight against prejudice "Schedia" organizes various events - meetings, conferences, forums - both on a national and an international level. "Schedia" also carries out short programs of artistic activities for children that are organized in collaboration with municipalities and other state and private agencies in open or closed spaces and with the aim of making children and adults more sensitive to artistic expression and cultural participation.

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